Tally Street FAQ

How do I install Tally Street?

First, you must be a QuickBooks Online subscriber. Then the installation takes just seconds:

  1. Request an invitation and we'll send you a direct link to Tally Street in QuickBooks Online apps.
  2. Click the provided link and log into QuickBooks Online.
  3. Click the Connect button.

That’s it! There’s nothing else to configure or change!

What will I get from Tally Street?

Tally Street analyzes invoice-related data to find new sales opportunities, better understand customer purchasing and payment patterns, and boost incoming cash flow. The data, insights and recommendations are sent directly to the QuickBooks administrator or accountant.

How will this impact my QuickBooks data?

It won’t! Tally Street is “read-only”. Tally Street only retrieves customer and invoice data from QuickBooks for analysis. This also helps Tally Street handle very large data files without impacting QuickBooks performance. Tally Street never adds, changes, or deletes any data in QuickBooks.

What type of QuickBooks access is required?

Tally Street is available for QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Enterprise and subject to the same restrictions Intuit places on all apps. You should review our Privacy Policy and Service Agreement. You also should review Intuit’s Data Sharing Policy.

When you connect Tally Street to QuickBooks, you are granting access to accounting data that includes customers, invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and other transaction data. Tally Street does not require access to bill, budget, inventory, payroll, or time activity data. Tally Street does not create, modify or process any payments.

How do you keep my data secure?

First, we rely on your successful authentication as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor or administrator to provide access to QuickBooks, and we comply with Intuit’s policies. Everything exchanged between QuickBooks and Tally Street is done over authenticated and encrypted connections. We then store your data in a multi-tenant infrastructure that separates each company’s data from other companies’ data, and we also store it as encrypted data. We also carefully manage and control all access to and between our internal services with firewalls and other barriers. Lastly, we minimize exposure to external access risks because we directly send the reports and summaries we generate to you instead of requiring you to log into a dashboard.

Why can’t I find Tally Street in the QuickBooks App Store?

Early access to Tally Street is by invitation only. We are looking for small and midmarket business-to-business companies who can most benefit from our product. We want to collaborate with you and your accounting and finance teams to build a better product for you.

Can I refer Tally Street to friends and colleagues?

Yes! Please complete this short request form so we can capture and follow-up on referrals.

How do I remove Tally Street from Quickbooks Online?

To reset or disconnect Tally Street from QuickBooks Online: (1) log into QuickBooks, (2) click on Apps in the left menu and then My Apps at the top, (3) select the disconnect action for Tally Street.

You’ll then have an opportunity to reconnect Tally Street.